Filling your home with style can be a gruelling process; you have to choose a design, pick out the perfect furniture, find a special spot for each piece and then, on top of all of that, make sure everything works well together and creates balance and flow. It’s no wonder that all you want to do is kick back on that swanky sofa – but what about the looming wall space behind it?

A blank wall is a clean canvas, just waiting to be filled with a masterpiece (or pieces) – so don’t let it go to waste by leaving it bare.

Display art

Ah, what better way to spruce up a sad-looking wall than with some beautiful works of art? From traditional paintings to digital prints and even framed inspirational quotes, there is bound to be a framed or unframed option that calls your name.

The gallery wall trend is here to stay, so take full advantage by showing off a diverse collection of pieces. Who said they had to all be flat works of art either? Throw a clock, mirror or even wall sconce into the mix to create a relaxed, eclectic vibe. Just be sure to choose art that ties in with the rest of the gallery wall, as well as with the remainder of the room.

Create serious wow factor by pairing a stunning wallpaper design with a beautiful botanical print.

Put up wallpaper

Feature walls may be a dying trend, but wallpaper is experiencing a full-fledged revival. Before you run screaming in the other direction, give wallpaper the opportunity to redeem itself. Yes, you may still suffer nightmares due to being exposed to tacky floral-covered walls at grandmother’s place, but today’s designs are a far cry from the horror stories of old.

With so many beautiful patterns and styles to choose from, wallpaper might just be the missing ingredient you need to inject colour, texture, glamour and personality into your space. And don’t think that a wallpapered wall can’t have any other décor display – an artwork in a complementary style or a couple of floating shelves can invoke a tonne of visual interest.

Add shelving

Small apartment got you feeling cramped? Or maybe you just need somewhere to stash the kids’ toys when unexpected guests arrive. Whatever your lifestyle or storage situation, throwing up a few floating shelves is not only a great way to clear up precious floor space but also creates the perfect means of showing off your photos, holiday souvenirs and other trinkets on rotation.

If putting hammer to wall isn’t really your thing – or you prefer to keep your bond and your landlord is strictly anti-nails ­– why not opt for a shelving unit instead? They come with all the benefits of an in-built shelf but can also be moved around if you decide to rearrange your furniture at a later stage.

Hang plants

This one is for all the plant enthusiasts out there; rather than taking up floor space with pots and planters, why not hang them off the wall to construct a terrific feature wall? This will not only allow you to fit more plants into the room ­(fantastic for plant addicts like myself) but also helps increase air quality in your home.

Suffer from a black thumb? Not to worry, as there are plenty of great artificial options out there (that don’t look like they were fished out of the back of a two-dollar store). Mix and match different plants – from creeping ivy and bushy ferns to cute succulent and prickly cacti arrangements – to make a truly unique statement. The only plants you won’t be able to fit are your giant cheese plants and mighty fiddle leafs – keep them for your pretty floor pots.

A chalkboard wall presents endless styling possibilities

Paint a chalkboard

Never forget your child’s soccer game again and always have milk stocked in the fridge with this super practical yet surprisingly stylish DIY project. Simply pick up some chalkboard paint and cover a boring wall in your kitchen or office. If you’re not ready to commit, you can always decorate the wall with a framed chalkboard instead.

From country to contemporary, there isn’t an interior style that the chalkboard trend won’t mix in with perfectly. Not only will the kids love using it as a doodling board, you can use it to set reminders or motivate yourself with daily quotes – whatever the function, a chalkboard wall is guaranteed to produce hours of practical and trendy fun.


April 03, 2018 — Milena Tsitovitch