If you haven’t yet noticed, here at Lamai Anne we have bird fever. No, not the sort that will land you in hospital. More so an unconditional, head over heels attachment to our feathered friends.

Think how lovely Lamai Anne’s latest renditions they would look up on a freshly painted wall in the living, dining, bedroom bedroom – or even laundry. Every room in the house can do with a little bird décor, which is why we have put together some of our favourite ideas to inspire your own fowl makeover (pardon the pun).


Remaking the bathroom? There is nowhere wallpaper can’t go. Why not take the opportunity to make the wall a talking point – rather than the vanity, bathtub or mirror.

Have an odd space that needs a bit of “oomph”? Add some wallpaper to the ceiling – like this magical bird wallpaper from Milton and King – to create a truly unique and inspiring space.

How about a playful splashback of birds in the kitchen? There will be no need to a coffee pick-me-up with this bright addition.

Subtle vignettes

Get inspired by the elegant simplicity of Scandi furniture and add a simplified Nordic crow to your bedside table.

We decorate our tables and benchtops, but how about the overlooked window sill? A couple of glass bird figurines may be just what the space needs for a subtle elevation.

Why not add a practical as well as modern aesthetic touch with an origami bird wall sconce? It’ll create a subtle yet striking change in an open-plan living space or hallway.

Soft furnishings

Fresh bedlinen is one of the easiest ways to update the bedroom. Add some feathered magic to your sleeping space with some bird-print bed sheets – how cute are these birds with their top hats and ties?!

Upholstery may not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing where to include bird-related décor, but a bold armchair may be just the thing your living room, entry hallway or kid’s bedroom needs.

No list is complete without cushions, because cushions are surely one of the quickest ways to update a space. Go for a feather frenzy and add as many – or as little – as you like.

May 15, 2019 — Milena Tsitovitch