With Mother’s Day around the corner, it can be tempting to opt for a last-minute purchase that simply ticks the I-remembered-Mother’s-Day box. We understand it’s the thought that counts, but a tired bunch of roses (admit it, you bought them on special, didn’t you?!) or re-gifted Easter chocolates (please tell us they’re not bunnies or eggs) are not the way to show mum your appreciation. And don’t even think about giving her that weird kitchen gadget. She may be a great cook, but unless she specifically requested it, it’s best to present something a little less chore-related.

Remember, Mother’s Day is about spoiling that special woman in your life – your present should be a constant reminder of your love. So, here’s a countdown of ideas to make the gift-picking process a little easier – and give mum something she can cherish for years to come.

1. Fish Eddy Gilded Café Tray from west elm ($71.20)

Bring mum breakfast in bed with this classy brass and glass tray – she’ll feel like a Queen in no time. She can then use it to entertain (and wow) her own guests down the track.

2. Ivy Muse Nest Pot ($170)

Rather than setting mum up with a bouquet, why not get her a really cool potted plant in a really cool handmade planter? This petite tabletop stand and porcelain pot will suit almost any décor, and if your mum has a bit of a black thumb – well those succulents are pretty hard to kill.

3. Birds of a Feather Owl Mug With Infuser from T2 ($34)

Move aside lame supermarket prints featuring “I heart mum” prints. Yes, we know she’s the best mum in the world – and she knows that too. So, opt for a pretty number that she’ll be able to show off to all her friends. T2 has some of the prettiest mugs in town – this one is as stylish as it is practical.

4. Fiona Floral Limited Edition Print from Lamai Anne ($149.95)

Okay, we know we said that this gift list didn’t feature flowers, but this is the exception. This stunning arrangement is printed on archival paper, meaning it won’t wilt and – although it may not have that fresh floral scent – can be enjoyed for years to come.

5. Diamond Wash Cloth by Ninnho ($5.00)

Help mum wash the day away with this gorgeous Australian design. A timeless colour palette in warm gold and soft grey, this is one face towel that is set to be mum’s timeless, daily luxury.

6. Ain’t no hood, like motherhood candle from Damselfly ($42.95)

If your mum is awesome and knows it, give her a cheeky candle that says just that. The cherry on top is the airy scent of fresh roses and violets, warmed by sandalwood, bergamot and musk – it’s like an air hug in a jar.

Slip Silk Pillowcase ($85)

Show mum your deep appreciation ­– and make up for all the lost sleep you caused ­– with this luxurious pillowcase. Made from the highest-grade mulberry silk (the good stuff!), you can really score some brownie points with custom embroidery.

May 07, 2018 — Milena Tsitovitch