The use of floral prints has seen a major revival in recent years. Unlike shaggy carpet or lava lamps, contemporary patterns and design have transformed this once suffocating trend into a coveted interior addition. What better way to bring the outdoors in than with a stylish and low-maintenance floral print?

Whether you love the idea of florals but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into your own home or simply find it difficult to move past the memory of your grandmother’s living room, decorating with florals can be a daunting prospect.

Reflect Current Style

Unless starting with a brand new build (or doing a major decorating overhaul), your home most likely already possesses hints of a particular style. You need to take these existing pieces of furniture and décor into consideration when choosing your florals. The great news is that florals work well with many different styles – from traditional to eclectic and everything in between. Go for a wall print that complements the colour palette of your sofa arrangement or pick a more abstract design to tie in with a really contemporary space.

Go Big

One of the best ways to add serious wow factor and avoid potential nanna vibes is to opt for large blooms. From wallpapers featuring oversized peonies to framed A2 prints showcasing a single flower, big florals can make for beautiful accents in a space without dominating the rest of the décor. The key is to keep it simple by injecting one or two floral prints – otherwise you risk creating a sensory overload (aim for manicured garden rather than overgrown jungle).

Balance Patterns

Think existing patterns and textures mean you can’t add florals? Think again! Mixing modern botanical prints with geometric patterns and natural materials can produce a unique and visually interesting space that reflects your personality. Pair an exotic rug with a floral print ottoman or add a botanical cushion to a sofa filled with a textured woolly throw.

Scattering florals in this way is ideal for creating a modern eclectic interior without allowing your style to become too ‘feminine’ (unless you want it to be – in that case, go bold with your floral additions!).

Think Beyond Florals

While peonies and roses can easily overwhelm a modern home, opting for more abstract interpretations or other greenery can really breathe life into a particular space. After all, botanical design isn’t limited to flowers; leaves, branches and seeds all form part of the bigger picture. If florals aren’t your cup of tea, inject natural elements with a desert cactus print or cover a wall with iconic palm wallpaper – the choices are endless!


April 10, 2018 — Milena Tsitovitch