Gone are the days when artists had to hide away, working tirelessly in basements and attics and shoebox studios to create beautiful works. Only to have them viewed and admired by the neighbourhood cat who intermittently popped in through the crack in the window.

That may be an enormous stereotype, but luckily nowadays social media has provided artists, designers and other creatives with accessible platforms to showcase their work – all at the touch of a button. And apart from the common people (that’s you and I), artists too get to enjoy the Instagram pages of fellow creatives.

They say an artist is only as good as their inspiration – actually, I don’t think they actually do say that, but I needed an excuse to write this post. After all, what better way to give you a little insight into the people and pages that inspire our own creative genius Lamai Anne?

erins window (@erinswindow)

First up on the list, the truly unique page of Melbourne based Erin. Her Instagram features a wide collection of handmade clay, fibre and paper pieces – from dainty figurines and vases to printmaking experiments, spoons and even jewellery. Oh, and she’s a lefty, which makes her extra special (and me a little biased).

a.p. bio (@doan_ly)

A bit of international floral inspiration comes from the page of uber talented Doan Ly. a.p. bio (no, that’s not a typo) is a New York City studio focused on elevating floral design to art.

Celebrating fine art, abstract forms, texture, light, and colour, a.p. bio’s work is not your ordinary floral arrangement.

Bonnie and Neil (@bonnieandneil)

Bonnie and Neil is the creative child of design duo Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie. Utilising their combined backgrounds in floristry, art, textiles, furniture and set design, this independent Australian textile studio produces a vibrant range of distinctive screenprinted products for the home. Their Instapage is filled with beautiful botanical motifs, bright patterns and Australiana culture.

flowers for kate (@Flowersfor_kate)

With so much of Lamai’s work focused on floral subjects, it’s no surprise that Katie Clulow makes it onto this list. A florist, photographer, fibre artist, textile designer, maker and online shop keeper, Katie’s passion for floral beauty and the natural world is evident in her photography. Check out her page for some truly whimsical pieces.

Rifle Paper Co. (@riflepaperco)

Florida based stationary brand, Rifle Paper Co. has taken the world by storm with their botanical greeting cards, notebooks, journals, art prints, stationery, iPhone cases and even shoes. Co-founder Anna Bond injects her love for flora and fauna to create a sense of whimsy and charm in all of their products.


October 29, 2018 — Milena Tsitovitch