This month we’re focusing on our feathery friends. So, we thought it about time to highlight Lamai Anne’s new collection of fabulous bird prints – specifically those from the land of the kiwis.

New Zealand is a country full of natural wonders and breathtaking scenery. It’s also home to some of the most interesting birds on the planet.

Tui Limited Edition Print

The tui may be a common sight in New Zealand, but it’s boisterous plumage of smoky greens, blues and purples is anything but. It’s reddish brown upper back and flanks give off a beautiful bronze, while the nape features filamentous white feathers, with a spray of unusual curled tufts on the throat.

Kea Limited Edition Print

Considered to be the world’s only alpine variety and endemic to New Zealand’s South Island, the kea sports a kaleidoscope of green and scarlet that dances radiantly against the contrasting outline of feathers. Its grey-black beak long and gracefully curved, the kea gazes with playful curiosity at everyone who admires it.

Kakapo Limited Edition Print

Brilliant shades of green are contrasted against a deep black backdrop to bring this kakapo to life. The fine detailing of fine facial disc of owl-like whiskers around its jaded green beak seem to be twitching in a breeze while its beady eye maintains an element of mystery – very fitting for a parrot of the night.

Kereru Wood Pigeon Limited Edition Print

Also known as the kuku or kukupa, the kereru is a native wood pigeon endemic to New Zealand. Fine brushstroke detailing creates an array of iridescent green and bronze feathers which gleam against a beaming white vest. The artwork is completed by the deep plum tones of the kereru’s thin beak, neck and deep gazing eye.

Kokako Limited Edition Print

Flowing from the muted blue greys of its body, this kokako shows off a striking blue-black mask and small, rich blue wattles which shoot from the base of the bill and under the throat. The detailed highlights make it appear as though this bird is being caught by glimpses of sunlight filtering through a dense New Zealand forest.

Piwakawaka Fantail Limited Edition Print

With its pastel hues of dusty blue and a proud chest of peach tones, this piwakawaka looks as though it’s about to strike up a playful tune while waving his brilliant fanned black and white tail in the breeze. Except his prominent white eyebrows and cute ruffled feathers won’t disappear in a flash.

South Island Tomtit Limited Edition Print

The small body, short bill and tail against a large head make the New Zealand tomtit similar in appearance to a robin. This little male boldly shows off his blend of mandarin orange and white feathered chest which contrasts fiercely against the cluster of midnight feathers on his back, head and tail.

April 15, 2019 — Milena Tsitovitch