Gum Tree Print on Canvas

An ode to the beautiful colours and shapes of Australia's iconic gum tree. This print is now availble on canvas.

Kea Limited Edition Art Print

Considered to be the world’s only alpine variety and endemic to New Zealand’s South Island, the Kea sports a kaleidoscope of green and scarlet that dances radiantly against the contrasting outline of feathers. Its grey-black beak long and gracefully curved, the Kea gazes with playful curiosity at everyone who admires it.

Eucalyptus Bloom II Limited Edition art print

Bring the Australian outdoors into your home with this beautifully delicate and vibrant art print.

Tui Limited Edition art print

The Tui may be a common sight in New Zealand, but it’s boisterous plumage of smoky greens, blues and purples is anything but. It’s reddish brown upper back and flanks give off a beautiful bronze, while the nape features filamentous white feathers, with a spray of unusual curled tufts on the throat.


A versatile artist working in traditional and digital media, Lamai Anne has been practising and challenging her artistic curiosity for much of her life.