Moving into a new home? Revamping a room? Or just wanting to welcome a new season? Whatever the motivation for updating your interior, flowers should be a fundamental part of your decorating repertoire.


According to Encyclopaedia Britannica (yes, I’m pulling out the big guns here), we humans have been using floral decorations to embellish our environment since the earliest days of civilisation.

And why wouldn’t we? Flowers are a great way to make a space feel alive; a place where you will want to spend oodles of time. They add a much-needed level of comfort and nature. Plus, they’re budget-friendly and super easy to incorporate into existing interiors styles.

So, here are four reasons to leave some thought for florals amongst the fresh paint and new furniture.

Set the mood

Scientific research has shown that flowers can genuinely boost mood, increasing happiness and decreasing stress and anxiety. Think of any special occasion; whether it be birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, they almost always have flowers present.

When it comes to interiors, flowers can help round off your personal style and make your space appear more finished. But they can also change the feel of your home or a particular room. For instance, adding flowers to your home office can stimulate creativity and help with concentration. Who wouldn’t want improved work performance?!

Inject colour

Not ready to make a permanent colour change? Whether you’re on the fence about introducing a new colour or just want to brighten a living space, adding a floral arrangement is one of the easiest ways to introduce colour to your interior.

Flowers are a fabulous way to “test” a new interior colour and can also help you complete an existing style. A bouquet of bright tulips can lift an otherwise dark space, while a combination of natives will do wonders for a French Provincial theme.

Add scent

Reed sticks and candles, step aside! Flowers aren’t just great for aesthetics. Introducing a few fresh varieties to different rooms can help improve air quality and add a naturally botanical fragrance. For example, a lightly scented bouquet of roses can work wonders for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

Obviously, the types of flowers themselves need to be of the scented variety – and keep in mind that certain flowers may carry an aroma t that doesn’t agree with everyone. Choose those with a mild scent and leave the more heavily perfumed varieties for larger spaces such as your living area.

Budget-friendly décor

Beautiful interiors don’t have to cost a fortune. You only need a few lush pickings to immediately elevate any room. And don’t limit your florals to your dining table; spread them throughout the home. Bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and even laundries can do with a touch of botanicals.


March 05, 2019 — Milena Tsitovitch