Birds of Instagram: 10 pages worth following

Bird lovers rejoice! This week we’re sharing our very own curated list of bird-related Instagram pages (with a focus on Australian birds). So, whether it’s bird art or flight photography you’re after, we have you covered. Let the bird fever begin.

Birds Will Be Birds

Get your daily dose of birds here with beautifully captured shots from Jonah and Benton, two mates from Canberra.


Just as the name suggests, this page is filled with pretty and unique birds from around the world, curated from a range of sources and photographers.

Nature Worldwide Birds

Similar to Prettybirdwatcher, Nature Worldwide Birds celebrates the diversity of birds worldwide by sharing beautifully shot photographs – together with a description of the species and a short habitat spiel.

Stephanie Fizer Coleman

A picture book illustrator and licensing artist hailing from the US, Stephanie Fizer Coleman creates wildlife illustrations full of layered colour and texture – and her Instagram has plenty of cute illustrated birds!


Based out of Melbourne, Ruben Montero’s page is filled with native Australian birds captured by him, giving you an insight into the nature and beauty of these wonderful creatures.

Kakapo Recovery

With an entire post dedicated to this wonderful bird, it would be silly to leave this one off our list. This page follows the efforts of the Kakapo Recovery organisation in bringing the kakapo out from the brink of extinction – and provides a bunch of cute snaps of these mischievous parrots.

Shelley Pearson

Based off Australia’s west coast, Shelley Pearson highlights her own skills and passion for capturing the elegance and grace of birds. Her photographs showcase the different characters of birds and their environment.

Heather Thorning

Heather’s passion for Australia and Australian birds filters through her incredible ability to capture a wonderful spread of Queensland species – from greves and herons to rosellas and robins, she’s got them all.

Bridget Farmer

A printmaker by trade, Bridget’s interest in birds stems from her mother and grandmother's influence while growing up in Ireland. Her arrival in Australia in 2005 renewed this passion with a whole new array of birds to watch, learn and draw ​– she now spends her time portraying the birds on her doorstep in the form of drypoint etchings, linoprints and hand printed bird mobiles.

BirdLife Australia

BirdLife Australia is proud to be the nation’s largest bird conservation organisation. Their focus? To create a bright future for Australia’s birds, achieving outstanding conservation results for native birds and their habitats.

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