Thinking about redecorating but not sure how to keep it timeless? Wanting to update your interior to something a little more stylish? Or simply looking to freshen things up with a cleaner palette? When it comes to revamping a space, one of the first design decisions usually lies with the colour palette. With an almost infinite option of shades available, matching different colours to one another can quickly become an arduous process. So, why choose a range of colours, when you can opt for just one?

Bypassing colour coordination for a monochromatic palette can make the entire decorating process much, much simpler. Far from being boring and clinical, monochrome styling can deliver some serious elegance and harmony into your home. And harmony is the key to a fabulous interior. Harmony is the soothing, calming effect you feel when throwing yourself onto the couch after a hard day’s work. It’s the thing that allows statement pieces and bold décor to stand out in a room without creating a sensory overload. Harmony is that fabulous colour scheme that looks clean all the time – even when you haven’t had time to clean up properly –because everything is so well balanced.

Too many colours can leave a space feeling crowded; toning it down with a monochromatic style creates a tranquil environment – a private escape from the rest of the world. A clean palette utilising a single colour choice can draw attention to your home’s best features, whether that be interesting architecture or a cool furniture design. You don’t have to redecorate your entire home to enjoy a bit of black and white bliss.

Monochromatic designs are particularly suited to rooms that require an extra level of zen –bedrooms, bathrooms or even home offices will benefit from a quick makeover without breaking the bank. And while monochrome is mostly all about black, white, and grey (which is perfect for those who struggle with choosing colours), adding metallic, timber or marble accents can really spice things up.

Since the shades in a monochromatic interior will tend to blend together, texture and pattern are the easiest, and often one of the cheapest, ways to add visual interest. This is your opportunity to add awesome artworks – be it black and white vintage photography or a graceful peacock print – patterned poufs or cosy cushions to the space. While combining colours with patterns and textures can cramp a room, monochrome schemes are ideal for this sort of experimentation. Forgoing arrays of colour means you can use plenty of contrasting materials while maintaining a well-balanced and harmonious home.

June 04, 2018 — Milena Tsitovitch