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This week, my focus has been on vibrant hues, particularly jewel tones. I decided to draw a Waratah flower in exquisite ruby and I love how vivid and bright it is against the green leaves and dark background. Stay tuned for more bright, jewel toned creations coming soon!

The Waratah is a stunning and iconic flower native to Australia, belonging to the Proteaceae family. The Waratah is known for its vibrant red petals and large size, making it a truly mesmerising sight in the Australian bush.

The Waratah is also a popular choice in gardens and floral arrangements. Its striking appearance and long-lasting blooms make it a favourite among gardeners and florists alike.

The Waratah is a hardy plant that thrives in well-drained soil and full sunlight. It can tolerate drought conditions and is well-suited to the Australian climate. While it primarily comes in shades of red, there are also varieties with pink and white flowers.

Black Cockatoo Fine Art Print

The black cockatoo is a majestic and fascinating bird that is native to the forests of Australia. With its striking black feathers and vibrant red tail, the black cockatoo is a sight to behold. These intelligent birds are known for their distinctive call, which can be heard echoing through the trees.

They have a strong beak that is perfectly adapted for cracking open nuts and seeds, which form a large part of their diet. The black cockatoo is also known for its impressive aerial displays, as it soars through the sky with grace and agility.

Unfortunately, the black cockatoo is facing threats to its survival, including habitat loss and illegal pet trade. Conservation efforts are underway to protect this iconic bird and ensure its continued existence in the wild. 

March 16, 2024 — Lamai McCartan