I recently flew home to Melbourne – and immediately wished to be back in Sydney. Don’t get me wrong, Melbourne is a wonderful city (I’m not here to fuel the Sydney vs Melbourne debate). But as I stepped out onto the wet tarmac, I couldn’t help feel a little weather envy. After all, we are on the crux of May and my friends, were enjoying an unusually warm and dry Autumn up north.

Many of us (guilty!) tend to associate the cooler months with dark, gloomy days – only good for rugged up Netflix nights. The usually vibrant coastal areas become ghost towns as many would rather cosy up in the comfort and warmth of their own homes. Rather than running from it, we should embrace winter (the lack of flies is never a bad thing, right?). With so much time spent indoors during these months, it’s only natural to turn to your interior to brighten up your mood.

Inject Colour
This season may be all about moody, muted tones like greens, blues and burnt orange, but what better way for a quick pick-me-up than to throw a hint of bright colour into the mix? It’s no secret that certain hues invoke certain moods, so use bursts of these to stimulate serotonin levels. You don’t have to break the budget, either ­­– a new set of coloured drinking glasses or a new artwork to brighten up a wall will instantly transform a space.

Let there be light
We tend to cocoon ourselves inside to keep out the cold during winter. Keeping curtains and windows shut has the unfortunate effect of creating a stale, gloomy interior. There’s nothing that dampens the mood more than a stuffy room lacking in natural light. Fling open those curtains and let that cool breeze in – fresh air and sunlight will give you an instant energy boost. Use mirrors to brighten up the décor and help bounce light around a dimly lit space.

Anyone who has caught a glimpse of my apartment knows about my slight obsession with plants. Indoor plants are amazing for you and your interior – not only do they instantly lift your décor game, they are also masters at filtering air and act as natural noise dampeners. You don’t need to turn your home into a jungalow to enjoy the health and aesthetic benefits of these green beauties – a sprinkle of potted varieties will do the trick. Plus, there are plenty of black thumb-proof varieties out there for those of you that have a tendency to forget about watering.

Keep it cosy
Just as summer dresses make way for winter coats, your interior should also experience a wardrobe rotation. Soft furnishings like tasseled cushions, plush rugs and textured throws are a great way to embrace the cooler weather. Not only do they keep the interior looking fresh, they are also an affordable way to stay comfortable. And almost any room can benefit from this winter touch-up – add a woolen throw to your sofa, buy some woven placemats for your dining table or spruce up your bed with velvet sheets.

Decorating your home with fresh colours, styles and furniture can completely change how you feel about winter. Summer may have my heart, but that doesn’t mean I – and you – can’t enjoy all that these cooler days have to offer. Hot chocolate with marshmallows, anyone?

May 01, 2018 — Milena Tsitovitch